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Common Again

When Snowden met Greenwald
I have some stuff you might be interested in
Cryptic, vague and encryptions 99% off
Stories happen. Here’s some; prism, tempora, bullrun, & mystic
Come today. I’ll meet but it’s risky. The Guinness is good. Watch out.
But who wins. Who loses. Watch them all. Anywhere. Anytime.
Five eyed spies breaking encryption.

No questions needed. Almost omniscient. Seemingly omnipotent. Outside the law.
Potentia est Scientia. Personal precision on demand.
No harm if you conform. Just be less.. individual. Less significant.
In the meantime, more rogue at full speed. It’s a Nation of Secrets
Too big to question. National security. Extraordinary means.

But where to? It’s not who is in charge but how they own the responsibility.
And this industrial complex of extreme means don’t deserve the power.
Yet when this goes public? Outraged whispers and angry silence
As refactored markets scramble to protect themselves.
A brave new direction to new generation and probable cause.

New thinkers needed. Underdog leaders.
Fresh ideas to outwit the dollars, data and bullets
Machines of war facing inwards. Protect us from terrorists and occasional whistleblower
Run Snowden run. It’s a world without corners.

If Pentagon papers were policed by liberty, equality and fraternity
Then watch out Plutocracy, the pitchforks are coming. We the people.
Just people who feel they can give peace a chance.
Oh to be common again.


Just me. Planting seeds. Growing ideas. Feeding freshness. Cultivating smart design.

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