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I kicked off with ‘Starting Somewhere‘. This blog intro is a signpost for plotting future evolutions of modern society.

My next post – Bail This – explained the madness of servicing our civilisation on a foundation of debt. We’re now in a world where spiralling repayments are more important than improving society. It’s a very dirty habit.

From here I abstracted into ideology. The post – Invest Efficiency – constructively examined why sustainability will not save us from climate collapse. The evolution of modern civilization cannot be defined as mere survival. We need a cleaner vision if we are to move beyond this autistic capitalism. My proposal places macro efficiency as the foundation of a new change.

Returning to the economy, my next post looked into the fractional reserve system and isolated the malignant root – Seigniorage. This outdated practice spawns omnipotent debt whilst gifting a hidden few with money for nothing. This is not about the financial ‘reform vs innovation’ debate. This is about removing parasites.

After explaining how to remove the leech, my next post – Hubs – aimed for some inspiration. I suggest rethinking the basic building blocks of society around of a network model of community hubs. We can design communities around cultural cohesion and also carry potential to re-invigorate economies around clean energy, networked technology, resource efficiency and better living spaces. Read with optimism.

My next post – Beyond GDP – ties money together with politics through the adage; ‘what gets measured, gets improved’. Specifically I target GDP as an over absorbing metric that values death more than life.

Remaining on this political theme – Ignoring the Blue Marble – is a work that calls out bullshit from elected leaders and the habitual failure of neglecting environmental promises in favour of taking the short term payoffs.

The previous post, – Suggest not Vote – raises some political criticisms and arrives at a challenge. Let’s collaborate and disrupt. Let’s use modern technology to augment and upgrade this rigged system. Our collaborative disruption is really quite feasible.

A plutocratic economy does not trickle down. Foundations of debt are weak and uneven. Boardroom cartels are not benevolent dictators.
With creative design these things can change.
A closed political whorehouse will not bring transformation. Single electing votes do not spawn new ideas. Centralized rule does not celebrate cultural diversity.
With collaborative disruption these things too can change.

This brings us back to base. In the next phase this blog will develop further along the course of change.
The mantra “Yes we can” was not just a puppet’s campaign slogan but a powerful rallying call to rise up and change.

“Study the past if you would divine the future.”
– Confucius


Just me. Planting seeds. Growing ideas. Feeding freshness. Cultivating smart design.

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