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Starting Somewhere

Welcome to Mewoki. This space intends to document my ideas and insights about our world. Particularly on how to make it a better place.

The name ‘mewoki’ is an acronym for ‘Men, Women & Kids’ – the idea is to convey an all-inclusive form. It’s about making the world a better place for men, women and kids.

As an icon, mewoki stands for innovation in society. The overall vision is to enrich communities with greater culture, technology and imagination. A bright green Renaissance 2.0.

Here at, I believe change starts with design. Expressions and perspectives gravitate around challenge, ideas, vision, initiative and hopefully solution.

Solutions first need problems. And there are plenty places to start. The world is our canvas. So let’s frame a new view and design a fresh start.

Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoy what you read. Look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


Just me. Planting seeds. Growing ideas. Feeding freshness. Cultivating smart design.

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    A public building, such as town hall, allows for the public to enter during opening times. Shops, however, whilst the public may be 'invited' to enter, are not public buildings, being privately owned.

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