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Months since writing. Life took over. But ideas continue.

Progress however? Well we’re living in the future now. A planet wide communications grid. A time of global change. A deeply interconnected economy. And rapid unsustainable growth guided by false metrics

Statistically speaking we are all getting richer

Total Net Worth US
Total Net Worth US

This wealth we build is hardly the apex of actualisation. Most of us are a pay cheque away from implosion and spend our lives working just to get by. The wealth we found is created as debt, held in the public name and spent by institutions. We’re all on the hook to pay it back. Like a giant credit card in someone else’s name.

For the small group who design and benefit from economic systems, politicians are just another line item expense on the balance sheet. Whilst the balance of power favours private interest, it’s naive to assume any public leadership will initiate change. Certainly not whilst their financiers order otherwise.

Such a strange position to openly celebrate democracy, whilst knowing our leaders take orders. Until we change this, nothing meaningful will change. With corporate politics in place we will never eliminate pollution, wean off fossil fuel or reduce environmental footprint. We will have no chance to apply design theory to our macro-economy. Popular change is irrelevant whilst the political system takes orders from the status quo. Until we change money in politics, we will continue on without change.


Just me. Planting seeds. Growing ideas. Feeding freshness. Cultivating smart design.

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